We work with medics and non-medics to provide a prescribing service predominately within the aesthetics industry. We are able to prescribe toxins (B-Tox, azzalure, bocouture etc.), anaesthetics, dermal fillers, consumables, fat dissolving, orthopaedics, vitamin B12s, antibiotics and more. 
An aesthetic practitioner, also known as an aesthetician, is a beautification specialist who provides treatment to superficial layers of skin. 
Yes, I have full insurance for all the work I undertake, mobile or home based. My policy is with PolicyBee. On all my treatments / visits / meetings the full policy document will be on full view or please feel free to contact me directly for further details.
Would advise not to bring children but please let me know if you wish to discuss options.
Every procedure needs a consultation (which I offer for free) , this is for insurance purposes and to forward  to my medical prescriber to order your prescriptions as its all done on a personal prescription basis.
To get the best results a B-Tox review and top up is required this has a 14 days shelf life and has to be used within the timescale, this will be kept in a locked fridge and will be for your use only, after 14 days I will have to discard.
18 years old is the minimum age for any treatment.
Ideally avoid excessive alcohol ,gym, sauna and steam rooms prior to any treatment.
Aftercare information is on this website but I will provide you with the do's and don’ts after treatment.
All will be discussed at the consultation stage.
For all filler treatment a cap test is preformed before and after treatment to check the blood supply , however I will call within 4 hours of treatment to check for anything , I have regular contact with a medical practitioner and have the correct procedures in place for any issues.