Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, is when you smile and too much of your gumline is visible. There are various factors that can cause a gummy smile, including overactive upper lip muscles, jaw development problems, or bite problems.

Advanced B-Tox Lip Flip

Subtle and natural-looking results.Less invasive than lip fillers.Quick and relatively painless procedure. Reduced "gummy smile" appearance.A more relaxed, youthful upper lip.

Advance B-Tox Masseter

tension, pain, and clenching.Relieving headaches.Contouring a square jaw.Creating a balanced face shape.

Advance B-Tox chin dimples

B-Tox is a treatment option for chin dimples as it directly addresses the muscle that is causing the issue. The appearance of dimples across the chin occurs because the muscle underneath is contracting too much. To stop the appearance of the dimples, you must stop the contraction of the muscle, which is precisely what Botox does. Botox can also weaken the overactive mentalis muscles that cause chin dimples. 

Advance B-Tox down turn smile

The depressor anguli oris is a paired muscle located on either side of the face. It allows individuals to express emotions by moving the corners of their mouth, particularly in a downward direction B-Tox and the Depressor Anguli Oris: Some people perceive this muscle to be overactive, resulting in a persistent frown-like appearance. Conditions such as Bell’s palsy, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, Lyme disease, or facial trauma can affect this muscle. To address this, Botox (a form of botulinum toxin) can be injected into the depressor anguli oris. Botox works by blocking nerve signals that cause the muscle to contract.


Anti-wrinkle and filler pre care and after care. Please plan social events around your treatment as redness, bruising and swelling may occur post treatment. - Please let me know if you plan to travel within 4 weeks. - You cannot have any treatment if you are feeling unwell. - For lip filler please advised if prone to cold sores - Advise if you are pregnant /trying to get pregnant or breast feeding. - Advise any medications that you are taking prescribed via your GP as this could have an adverse effect on B-Tox - You MUST refrain from taking any pain killer medication that contains ibuprofen (this only applies to medication that is not prescribed by a GP) This is due to ibuprofen may contribute to bruising this is best if can avoid been taken 7 days prior. - You may have redness, bumps and swelling from the treatments this should settle within 1-4 hours post treatment. - Do not put pressure on the area of treatment for 8 hours min, filler can be gently massaged. - Sat upright for 4 hours posts treatment. - Makeup must not worn within a 24hr period post treatment this includes any facial creams and lotions. - Avoid alcohol, excessive sunbeds and saunas 24 hours post treatment. - If a bruise does occur this may take a few days to appear and can take max 10 days to disappear also, please note ibuprofen can increase bruising so avoid taking 24-48 hours post treatment. - B-tox treatment will take effect 1-3 days post treatment, by 14 days full results will be seen.